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In school I could never pass up a chance to joining a musical club or event. I performed in every musical group available through all twelve grades, at one point holding  memberships in nine simultaneous ensembles. During this time I performed on saxophone, violin, voice, guitar, and piano in styles ranging from classical, jazz, pop, and old time country.

My music education continued at the Sunderman Conservatory of Gettysburg College acquiring a degree in Classical Vocal Performance and Composition. Most notably having a performed by the Pittsburgh Symphony.

When performing classical music, performance opportunities are limited. I wanted to spend more time with people instead of practice rooms, so I began to look for performance opportunities during academic breaks. Soon I found work performing cover music at local bars and restaurants. After graduation and a few years of performing traditionally as an acoustic artist, I discovered the world of live looping.

Suddenly all sorts of new possibilities opened up for music I never thought I could convincingly perform as a solo musician. Although this was exciting, I soon realized I was now responsible for learning not only my own part, but the drums, bassline, backing vocals, lead guitar, and whatever else! The process has been challenging, but equally rewarding.

Since this fundamental shift the show was been forever changed. It's become a common occurrence for an audience member to tell me that, before they saw the stage, they thought a band was playing. Awesome!

If you're looking for your next chance to see the Live Solo Band, check out my schedule page for a complete rundown of show dates and times. I hope to see you soon!


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